Beautiful flowers!

Pixi Dust Designs has the most beautiful selection of flowers dies that are super easy to assemble.

This was created using all four individual floral die sets - Tulip die set, Lilly die set, Bergenia die set, Daffodil die set, plus the Dream Big die set, and the Mug Die add on.  I started by cutting out 2 watering cans and the Mug Die add on.  Using the Mug add on I was able to create a small box to contain the flowers.  I did need to trim down the Mug die a bit on the top but that's no big deal.

Next I just started assembling flowers. I cut out all the pieces in a variety of colors and got to work, I also used the floral dies that come in the  Dream Big die set.  I used 3d adhesive on my flowers to create more dimension and started adhering the flowers to the inside of the watering can.

Honestly, this was easy to create and makes a very cute little home decor piece.  Image taking this bouquet to someone you love and seeing their face light up - perfect for birthday's, get well wishes, or just because.

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